Our Favourite Links

Rail Timetables for Japan Japan Rail's Hyperdia is the one stop search engine for rail travel in Japan, especially your transfers. It has prices, hire car and hotel information, includes connecting bus options as well. It is in English too!

Hakuba-Nagano-Hakuba Bus timetable Convenient and affordable transit option to get you to and from Nagano for the Shinkansen, to visit the Zenkoji Temple, to check out the Japanese Sports store, eat at a Sushi train and so much more.

Hakuba-Shinjuku-Hakuba Bus Timetable A cheaper and slightly slower airport transit. Costs about half takes about 2 hours longer. The bus takes you from Hakuba to Shinjuku in Tokyo. You wait for another bus where you are dropped off and then it takes you straight to the Narita Airport. Only 1 transfer. If you have awkward luggage this is a good option, if not slower.

Local resort links in no particular order:

Cortina Norikura Tsugaike Iwatake Happo-one Hakuba 47/Goryu/Iimori Sanosaka Yanaba Aokiko KashimayariThese are home pages from the Japanese sites with some english content. You should be able to get trail maps etc from the web pages and some statistics if nothing else. We hope that these links are at least a bit helpful.